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GPS Live Maps


U.S. government-owned Global Positioning System satellites make it possible for your car to tell you how to get from home to just about anywhere. Handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets can also help you find specific locations if those devices have GPS capabilities. You will also find them useful when hiking, boating or exploring new locations. After reading the GPS coordinates that your handheld device provides, you can go to Google maps, feed that information into it and view your current location on a GPS Live map.If you need to find coordinates for a location to enter in your GPS system, you can use Google Maps. It isnt as simple as clicking a "Coordinates" button over a location on a map to find the coordinates, but you can find the coordinates if you know what to look for. You only need to have the address of a location or name of a landmark on hand to get started.Features,
• How to Get GPS Coordinates from Google Maps• How to Find Coordinates From Your Handheld GPS on Google Maps• How to Plot a Map Using GPS Coordinates• How to Convert a Google Map to GPS
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